CPAs and Auditors

How could a move to Cloud Accounting with Intacct help you AND your clients?

CPAs, Auditors and Clients -- Can't We All Just Get Along??

Intacct CPA Auditor

CPAs are often unjustly perceived as inflexible sticklers in business matters with clients. Especially if the CPA serves as the client’s auditor. Questions arise, and answers can be hard to come by. This may be a source of frustration (for both the auditor and the client) but it may not be your client’s fault. The auditor’s question has simply revealed a shortcoming of the client’s accounting software.

But why does this concern you? And why would you want them to have the information you need at their fingertips? After all, if the audit gets easier, that means less billable hours for you, right? Yes, but have you considered that the client may blame YOU for their audit troubles – not their software? Don’t let the blame fall on you! Help them find a better accounting software solution that makes them happier – and any audits and reporting easier! Let us help you help your client!!

Don't lose your client's trust - or worse, your client - due to THEIR bad accounting software!

What Can You Do If Your Client Needs New Accounting Software?

How to Choose the Best Accounting Software
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Choosing the Right Accounting Software
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Choosing Cloud Accounting Software

Are Your Clients Wondering If There Is Life After Quickbooks?

How and Why Do Companies Transition to New Accounting Software?

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Implementation Is Fast, Easy and Painless with Intacct
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See Data the Way You Want Using Intacct
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How Intacct Simplifies Global Financial Processes

Intacct Case Studies That Will Amaze You

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