Independent Schools

The Bottom Line… The Right Technology Can Improve Your School

Implementing affordable systems and technology can help your school THRIVE!

Your Greatness Depends On It

The success of your school depends on the ability to fund the salaries of talented people (teachers, coaches, administrators, and staff), offer a robust variety of programs (academic, sports, music and the arts, travel abroad and field trips), and maintain and build the necessary facilities in order to attract students and families as well as strengthen the loyalty and support of alumni and the community.

Budgeting and Forecasting Are Key

Gone are the days where an annual budget was the sole focus of planning and strategy until it came time for the next budget cycle. The current reality is that most private and charter schools are looking at a school year in the context of a 5-year plan.

Extend Your Resources

Keeping one eye on the long-term future while answering the demands of today requires a system that gives you the reporting power you need right now and down the line. The system should be easily implemented and easy to use. Your solution provider should become a valued resource – an extended part of you team that can offer quick and thorough support to help you leverage technology to meet the demands of operating and managing the funds of a growing and financially strong school.

A Few Videos For Your Enjoyment

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Financial Reporting Visualizations
Orange Leap Constituent Management
NonProfit CFO Survival Guide

Increasing revenue. Consolidating across multiple entities. Budgeting. Implementing internal controls. Facilitating audits and compliance reporting. Recruiting and managing donors.

Sometimes, it’s easy to overlook the fact that CFOs of nonprofit organizations and independent schools do, indeed, share many of the same challenges in pursuit of the same overarching goal: optimizing the returns of the organization’s activities by carefully managing all aspects of its finances.

How do those CFO’s and their organizations survive – and even thrive? Careful planning, constant adjustments and meticulous management – all based on solid, reliable financial information – are the keys to growth and prosperity.

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