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Do you operate on contributions from private donors?

Do you track foundation or complex government grants?

Do you report to multiple entities, including governmental?

Do you need to track restrictions on funds?

While there is no software product that will help nonprofits earn a profit, adequate software certainly makes the job a bit easier. They certainly contribute to the ability to produce solid financial reporting, while also assisting nonprofits in cash management and expense tracking. While this is a necessity for all organizations, it’s particularly useful in the nonprofit sector, where donor funds and grants play a large part in providing adequate funding for nonprofit programs.

Technology needs vary according to the nonprofit. Some nonprofits operate solely on contributions from private donors. Having a software product that can manage those donors is a necessity. Other nonprofits get the majority of their funding from grants; either foundation grants or more complex government grants, where solid grant management and accounting is a necessity. Most grants, particularly government grants, need to be tracked in detail; everything from managing expenses, setting up and maintaining budgets, to determining administrative overhead.

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