Professional Sports and Arena Accounting

Discover which events and teams are truly profitable with Intacct

Multi-Dimensional, Multi-Faceted Financial Management

Basketball. Hockey. Football. Baseball.

Imagine knowing your profitability by opponent division! Imagine knowing if musical concerts produce more revenue than family events! Have you ever wanted to know how much it costs to switch between basketball floor for the hockey ice?

Dimensions Track Your Organization

Intacct gives your organization multiple, customizable dimensions in addition to your chart of accounts. With those dimensions, you can tag your accounting transactions for things like Entities, Events, Divisions, Departments and so much more!

For the first time, you will be able to easily track your profitability on multiple levels using multiple dimensions. You can know what opponents bring your greatest revenue and what performers drive ticket sales higher! Use your accounting data to create a better schedule of events to reduce expenses!

And, the real beauty is that Intacct does all this without expanding your chart of accounts and without forcing you to track information you do not need in some overly complicated interface. Have what you need at your fingertips with Intacct!

Using Microsoft Dynamics? Streamline Your Accounting With Intacct!

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