Chief Financial Officer

CFOs need powerful, flexible financial reporting and dashboards to make intelligent decisions.

Chief Financial Officer

What does a CFO look for in accounting software?

Chief Financial Officers – or CFOs – are often at the top of the finance food-chain in organizations. Typically, they are busy with overall financial plans and goals for the organization, leaving them little time for the details.

Accounting software with strong dashboards and flexible reporting, then, is a CFOs best friend!

Intacct fills that need by utilizing dimensions to allow companies to track characteristics about the transactions they enter. The dimensions can track anything from locations to departments; from events to projects; and from products to lines of business. Anything you need to track can be tracked!

Intacct delivers what a CFO needs!

Take A Look At How Intacct Dimensions Deliver What CFOs Need!

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What keeps most CFOs awake at night?

Increasing revenue. Consolidating across multiple entities. Budgeting. Grant Management. Implementing internal controls. Facilitating audits and compliance reporting.

Think you’re all alone with your worries? Think your situation is unique? Think again!

In fact, sometimes it’s easy to overlook the fact that CFOs of nonprofit and for-profit organizations alike do, indeed, share many of the same challenges in pursuit of the same overarching goal: optimizing the returns of the organization’s activities by carefully managing all aspects of its finances.

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