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The Accounting Software Selection Process Can Be Daunting...

With so many accounting software choices on the market, choosing the one that is right for you can be confusing. We gathered a few of the more popular packages below and compared them to Intacct.

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The choice is a basic one. Do you want to choose your own add-on software or do you want it chosen for you? Intacct lets you choose. NetSuite chooses for you. Do you really want to be forced into a Suite that’s not so sweet?

You started innocently enough with Dynamics GP. Then you needed revenue recognition, so you bought an add-on. Then you needed intercompany in sales and receivables, so you bought a third party. Then another. Then another. Replace your “Frankenstein”!

Quickbooks is the most popular accounting software on the market. But that doesn’t mean it will always be the best system for your organization. Click here to start exploring how Intacct helps with Life After Quickbooks.

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Sage has many solutions. Intacct has one solution. Isn’t more better? Not when you have to spread your R&D dollars across all of them. Click to see how Intacct delivers new features quarterly – ahead of companies like Sage! is built on the platform. That’s perfect for organizations that depend on Salesforce right? But, does the platform alone make it the better solution? Intacct has better functionality and a seamless Salesforce integration!

On-Premise or In The Cloud

Acumatica is one of the few accounting applications that can be on premise or in the cloud. You could say it’s the best of both worlds. But, can you really be in both worlds and be the best? Or will they each be half-baked?

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The Accounting Software Grid is shown on the right. Notice that Intacct has the highest satisfaction score of ANY accounting software products!

Feel free to click on any of the product icons in The Grid to go to the G2 Crowd website where you can read thousands of reviews and comparisons!

Have Questions About How Your Current Software
Compares To Intacct? Click The Button To Ask!

Why Choose Intacct?


Most accounting products limit categorizing financial transactions to ONE long general ledger account number. If you’re lucky, you might also get a department or class. Intacct has endless possibilities with transaction dimensions. Out of the box, you get 12 dimensions that you can use for slicing and dicing your data by repurposing them for your organizations needs. Imagine the possibilities of tracking projects, events, departments, divisions, locations, entities, lines of business and MUCH MORE!


Dashboards are built per person or role to give everyone what they need on one screen. The Controller may want to see cash in real time, while the Accounting Manager wants to see how many bills are awaiting approval. Walk down the hall and the CFO is viewing financials in real time! Intacct delivers efficiency at its best!

Custom Fields

Have you ever owned a good accounting system that was simply missing that one field you really needed in order to analyze your business? Intacct lets you add it. In fact, Intacct lets you add as many as you’d like. And, Intacct gives you the front end interface to add it. No programming is needed! Want to control who has can access that field? Intacct lets you do that too!

Financial Reporting

You’ve already seen how powerful Intacct is due to its dimensions. But wait until you see how those dimensions play into your ability to customize financials! The Intacct financial report writer, labeled Flex Reporting, gives you full control to move, carve, slice, pull, or do whatever you want to with the data so it fits the needs of each reader. Not only can you use the dimensions in financials, though, but you can use the custom fields too! Intacct delivers unparalleled financial reporting!

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