Intacct vs FinancialForce

Accounting WITH Salesforce vs Accounting IN Salesforce

Intacct vs FinancialForce

Intacct's Deep Accounting vs. FinancialForce's SFDC Integration

FinancialForce touts their integration with SalesForce as being a major reason to choose their platform, but do you really want to choose accounting software built on a CRM platform? Intacct provides a richer, tailored solution that generates more insight into your financial data while still having the option to integrate with SalesForce or any other CRM platform you may use in the future.

The difference between Intacct and FinancialForce is a philosophical difference regarding whether “suites” are better than true “best-in-breed.” FinancialForce is built on top of using Salesforce technologies. What does that mean to you? Mostly, it means that you better like Salesforce!!

Change Your CRM? Change Your Accounting!

Imagine having your CRM system drive your accounting capabilities! Not only are you a prisoner of the functionality they think you need, but you cannot change CRM systems without a wholesale change of accounting. Why needlessly lock yourself in to multiple software packages when you don’t have to! Intacct seamlessly integrates with AND most other CRM packages. You choose!

Financial Reporting is THE ultimate outcome of any financial software package. After all, if you can’t get the numbers out in a report, why put them in the system in the first place? Not having robust financial reporting is a waste of time!

Robust Financial Reporting is KEY

Because it was developed as a component of the platform, and not as a stand-alone accounting system, FinancialForce does not provide in-depth reporting and data management capabilities. Instead, it relies on SalesForce for standard reports. And, according to FinancialForce reviews, the reporting engine can be overwhelming for the typical user to configure and learn.

The Intacct X Factors
Celebrating 10 years of partnership with
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Increase Your Financial Visibility
Salesforce CRM customers talk about the benefits of having an integrated, cloud-based accounting and CRM solution.
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Intacct Connects Service + Finance
See how Intacct customers improve their efficiencies and profitability by connecting PSA and Finance.

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