Intacct vs. NetSuite

Best-of-Breed vs. Single Suite

Intacct's Best-of-Breed vs. NetSuite's Single Suite

Intacct vs NetSuite

Most experts agree that there are only two true contenders in the mid-market cloud accounting space. And, if we peel back the onion to see which one is better for your current situation, there are typically three areas of differentiation:

  1. Suite vs Best-Of-Breed
  2. Total Cost of Ownership
  3. Financial Reporting

Let’s take a look at each product in regards to those three areas.

Total Cost of Ownership

Which one cost more? In a recent study, the Cloud Accounting Institute found that Intacct has at least 26% less total cost than Netsuite. This includes the original purchase price, implementation cost, on-going upgrades, and future professional service cost.

And to further the savings, remember how we discussed best-in-breed and integrating with other systems? Many accounting teams have found that having seamless integrations between multiple systems creates further cost savings post implementation.

Best-In-Breed vs. Suite

Netsuite brings to the table a list of applications outside of accounting, and Intacct places its full focus on its Accounting System and ability to integrate with other best-in-breed technology.

  • Intacct integrates with out of the box.
  • Netsuite competes with
  • Netsuite has a basic employee expense module.
  • Intacct integrates with Concur and DataBasics.
  • Intacct reinvests 100% of its R&D spending into core accounting.
  • Netsuite shares its R&D across its other non-accounting applications.

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Financial Reporting

Both Netsuite and Intacct have financial reporting out of the box as well as the ability to customize the overall look. But when it comes to carving out the data and getting the tough questions answered, which one will prevail? Like most standard accounting systems Netsuite allows you to report based on 3 standard dimensions (GL account, department, and class). Intacct delivers 12 dimensions and allows for several to be repurposed to meet your needs.

What does all of this mean? With Intacct you can slice and dice your financial reporting to bring answers to questions nobody could answer with certainty. Maybe it’s time you knew revenue by item, by class, by region, by department, by customer, by project, etc. How could you ever know if leveraging your cost of sales across departments could be so easy? Here, more is better and adds to the proof that Intacct is Best-in-Breed.

Are you curious about the Best-of-Breed approach for financial management?

Learn how the best-of-breed approach lets you select the systems that work best for your organization instead of being tied down to one suite that your organization must use.

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Ken Goldman, CFO of Black Duck Software

Ken Goldman, CFO of Black Duck Software, discusses their move to Intacct’s cloud financial management and accounting software. Ken discusses the business challenges that led to Black Duck moving from QuickBooks to a robust financial system, the reasons why they chose Intacct over NetSuite, and the benefits they’ve seen using Intacct.

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Geoffrey A. Moore speaks at Advantage 2014

Geoffrey A Moore, author of Crossing the Chasm, speaks at the Intacct 2014 Advantage Conference regarding the NEW Best-of-Breed approach compared to the Single-Suite, Integrated System approach. He emphasizes that “In this new world, traditional integrated systems make no sense at all.”

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