Orange Leap

At Every Stage of the Donor Life Cycle, OrangeLeap Helps You Capture The Heart of Your Donor!

Orange Leap energizes nonprofits, making it easier for them to achieve mission success.

The Dallas-based company offers innovative yet simple to use software-based solutions that strengthen relationships with constituents and other nonprofits. With access to the software’s source code, Orange Leap’s ever-growing community collaborates on developing and sharing advanced constituent management technology and the smartest practices. Nonprofits big and small, with a wide range of missions and constituencies, choose Orange Leap to move their organizations forward.

Orange Leap and Intacct - A Match Made In The Cloud

Q: What could be better than the cloud-based combination that includes the fundraising power of Orange Leap and the AICPA-preferred Intacct Nonprofit accounting software for nonprofits?

A: Full integration between Orange Leap and Intacct!

You’ll enjoy a complete, efficient, real-time view of your organization and an up-to-the-minute view of your funds.

Watch this short 12 minute video on the powerful integration between Orange Leap and Intacct. Track Fundraising Efficiency, Program Efficiency, Major Donors, Lapsed Donors and more.

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