Scribe - Data Integration Tools

The Scribe product family is comprised of Scribe Insight, Scribe Adapters, Scribe Templates, and Scribe Online

Scribe ELIMINATES the need to code! Point. Click. Connect!

Laurie McCabe, Partner of SMB Group speaks to Peter Chase, Founder & Executive Vice President of Scribe Software for the SMB-Spotlight “How Scribe Software Solves the Integration Puzzle for SMBs.”

Your Application API Is NOT A Connector!

  • Connectivity should be painless: you provide credentials and get instant access to your data.
  • Connectivity should be consistent: you should see the metadata, required fields, data types, pick list values.
  • Connectivity should be relevant: the right collection of connectivity for business and customer data, not a long list of cool logos.

Scribe provides data integration and migration software solutions to help people within an organization share critical customer data, to better focus – and take action – on critical business events. Scribe recognizes that no two customers’ integration requirements are the same… even if they are integrating between the same packaged business applications.

Scribe’s unique approach, configurable integration software, enables mid-market and large businesses alike to achieve enterprise-class integration; with limited budgets and small IT staffs.

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Code Free Intacct Integrations With Scribe!

The Intacct Connector for Scribe Online provides a code-free interface for establishing an automated connection between Intacct and a wide variety of other systems and file types. Organizations will no longer need to know how to write code to interface with the API, nor will they have to manually massage data files into a prescribed format before importing.

Seamlessly and effortlessly integrate Intacct with Salesforce, Dynamics CRM, Connectwise, Microsoft SQL, Text Files and more![egg id=”4″]

Massey has Scribe templates for integrating Intacct with....

Intacct Integrates With Dynamics CRM
Intacct integrates with
Intacct integrates with SQL Server
Intacct integrates with TXT and CSV files